For over forty years, through research and innovation, we have been making textile products out of high-quality raw materials and with respect for the environment.

Our aim has always been to develop an innovative approach to carpet, able to satisfy any requirement, also thanks to the design of an online configurator, specially developed to give everyone the opportunity to create exquisite, customised rugs. Besana collaborate with designers from all over the world to create designs with particular aesthetics while retaining the innate functionality of this textile covering.

Besana Moquette

Photo by AD, November 1984

Thanks to a pioneering spirit and advancing systems of dyeing and manufacturing, for over forty years we have been able to perform any kind of process on carpets, runners and rugs and satisfy the creativity of designers and individuals, manufacturing bespoke products of the highest quality.

Founded in 1987 by Roberto Besana, since 1990 our company has been a member of the celebrated and prestigious Associazione dell’Industria Laniera Italiana. In 2007 the brand Besana Carpet Lab was established, a real workshop into which we invite architects, designers and private clients to experiment with and create new combinations of colours, textures and yarns for decorating public places or private homes.
This attention, along with our ability to respond to every demand, is what makes us unique.

Our talent for manipulating colours and yarns can also be seen in numerous collaborations with designers and architects from both Italy and abroad, significant contributions that have made it possible to create rugs, carpets and special made-to-measure designs.

Yet another demonstration of our desire to experiment, an approach more typical of a workshop than a manufacturer.
Over recent years we have carried out a series of studies and improvements to transform carpet into a high-performance covering from every point of view: thanks to the use of high-quality, high-performance yarns, we guarantee an end product that once installed is easy to maintain.

Cosa facciamo

An extensive archive of colour combinations and artisan skill, combined with state-of-the-art processes and listening attentively to the needs of the client, enable our team to create tailor-made products of the highest quality.

Thanks to a range of production techniques, refined over the years, we are able to perform any kind of process: from complex and articulated artisan work that involves handmade inlays up to the more dynamic process of digital printing, that enables a high level of detail to be achieved in high definition, useful for complex representations such as graduations or detailed designs.

Thanks to extensive experience in cutting and working with handmade inlays and a process of dyeing (solution or continuous), we guarantee the possibility of obtaining original and unique textile coverings, always placing great attention on the final design, the texture used and the space where it will be placed.

Alongside traditional production methods we have also brought in digital printing: a linear process that requires a meticulous operation of colour combining.
Depending on the kind of result desired, it is possible to draw on our colour charts - choosing form six, twelve or eighteen colours available - selecting the shade that is closest to the original or alternatively, using a photographic or photorealistic technique.

Whether in a design for a refined and articulated domestic space, or a contract project that requires large quantities, our textile coverings guarantee excellent performance at any scale.

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